Three wooden clock collage

Make Time!  
Create Your Own Wooden Gear Clock

Building a working timepiece is a uniquely satisfying experience, resulting in a beautiful, functional work of art to be enjoyed by all for years to come.

Clock Kits for Every Skill-Level

No experience with woodworking or clock making is required. Our wooden gear clocks are available in several options so that you can tailor to your preferences and skill level.

Precut Kits

Our ready-to-assemble clock kits come with everything you need to build beautiful wooden gear clock.   The only things you need to supply are wood glue and filler for the weight shell (metal shot). No cutting or drilling is necessary. No special tools or skills are required.

Clock Plans

This do-it-all-yourself option is suited for someone with some scroll saw experience and who would enjoy cutting the parts from the supplied patterns. The necessary hardware is included, but you supply the wood.

Material and Gears

You can supplement the Plan and Hardware set with all of the wood and dowel needed to make your clock. Also, you can add the pre-cut gears to eliminate the most challenging of the scroll saw cutting.

A Rewarding and Educational Experience

Building a working timepiece yourself, you will learn the principles that govern how mechanical clocks work, gaining an increase in understanding and appreciation of clocks.  

"My Dad made your Ascent clock. When I was a child he made many clocks, and he and a friend use to collect antique clocks. Anyway when I come to visit him on the weekends I love to watch your Ascent clock run and hear the slow relaxing ticking. He told me that he learned more about how clocks work building your clock than all the other clocks he has made."
Daniel A.

"I would recommend this kit to anyone with an interest in building their own clock.  Your attention to detail is impressive.  I received an education on how clocks work through building this clock as well as a tremendous sense of accomplishment."
-Matthew F.

"Thanks so much for the advice to get my clock working.  I've learned quite a bit and gained a tremendous amount of satisfaction building my own clock."
Peter K.


No experience with woodworking or clockmaking is required. Our wooden gear clocks are available in several options so that you can tailor to your preferences and skill level. The detailed instruction manual takes you step by step through the assembly process with many photographs showing exactly how the pieces fit together. If you have questions along the way, we're available to help!

"Your kit is fantastic, the instructions are clear and concise and with CNC laser cut precision is top notch.  Having built a number of various kits over the past 50 years I know what I speak of. . . . this was a fun and educational kit, I would fully endorse it to anyone without reserve."
Paul V.

"I built the Ascent clock and it's working great so far. . . . This was my first wood-working project since high school (20 years ago!).  It was pretty easy and straightforward for a person with limited experience and very minimal tools in the garage.  Thanks for making such a fun clock kit that works so well!"
-Craig B.

"This project has been so fun and so cool, and I would have thought it was so far outside of my ability. "
Christy H. 

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