ready-to-assemble CLOCK KIT: $174



Legacy: something handed down from the past; an achievement that continues on.  Of all of our wooden gear clocks, the Legacy most closely resembles a traditional clock design.  We hope that this clock becomes a part of your personal legacy, and will be treasured by your loved ones in the future.

This wooden clock is driven by a 4 lb weight, and is regulated by a 48″ pendulum. The Legacy runs about 30 hours per winding. The Legacy clock is about 15″ in diameter and about 5″ deep.

Like all of our wooden gear clocks, the Legacy kits are manufactured from high quality hardwood-veneered MDF.  You can personalize your clock by selecting a frame wood (maple or cherry), then choosing a wood for the gears (maple, cherry, or walnut). 


If you have some experience with the scroll saw and would enjoy cutting the parts yourself, check out our cut-it-yourself options.