ready-to-assemble CLOCK KIT: $159



Diadem:  crown.   The word Diadem has its origin in the 1200’s.  This is the same time that the verge and foliot escapement was developed–a crowning achievement as the first successful mechanical timekeeper.  The verge and foliot escapement employs a crown wheel, with teeth perpendicular to the rotating wheel.

This wooden clock is about 16″ tall with a 9″ diameter dial.  A 3 lb weight drives the wooden mechanism, which is regulated by a horizontal foliot that rotates to and fro.  The clock runs for over 24 hours per winding, making it a ‘1-day’ clock.

While the verge and foliot escapement was used in clocks for hundreds of years, it eventually was abandoned in favor of more accurate, modern escapements.  The limited accuracy of these ancient clocks warranted the use of a single hour hand.  Like the historic clocks that it replicates, the Diadem’s accuracy can vary by as much as 15 minutes per day.  It should be considered a nod to genius horologists of times past rather than an accurate timekeeper.

Like all of our wooden gear clocks, the Diadem kits are manufactured from high quality hardwood-veneered MDF. You can personalize your clock by selecting a wood for the frame  (maple, cherry, or walnut) and for the gears (maple, cherry, or walnut).


If you have some experience with the scroll saw and would enjoy cutting the parts yourself, check out our cut-it-yourself options.