1) Are these clocks really made completely of wood?

Yes, the clock frame, gears, arbors, and weight shell are all made of wood.   The only non-wooden parts of the clock are a few screws, some nylon washers, the string, and the metal shot contained inside the weight shell.

2) How long does it take to assemble the kit?

This depends somewhat on how much experience you have with similar projects. For example, some experience with woodworking will probably allow you to complete the project more quickly. At least a day’s worth of time may be required to assemble the clock, and it best done over the course of a few days.  We recommend that you take your time and enjoy the process rather than be in a rush to complete it.

3) How accurate is the clock?

Being a wooden clock, it is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. If environmental conditions remain fairly constant, the clock will maintain accuracy to within one minute over the course of several days to a week. Even when climatic conditions fluctuate, the clock is easily accurate to within a minute in 24 hours.

4) How do your kits differ from others that are seen available online?

We cannot comment about kits available from other suppliers, but we can suggest some specific questions you might ask when making a comparison:

    1. Where are the kits manufactured?  Ours are designed, manufactured, and packaged in Altoona, WI, USA.
    2. Is the clock being produced by, or at least authorized by, the original designer?  We design all of our clocks.
    3. What type of customer support is available?  We fully support all of our products; you can speak directly with the designer if you have questions.
    4. Is it possible to obtain replacement parts? We have replacement parts available for all of our clocks.
    5. How long has the company been in business?  We have been offering our clocks for sale since 2002.

5) How much scroll saw experience is necessary to make the clock from scratch with the plans?

Not as much as you might think. Several of our customers made our clocks as their very first scroll saw project (although we do recommend some scroll saw experience).  Cutting the gears is the most challenging part; if you prefer, you can purchase our laser cut gear sets and cut the rest of the pieces on your own.

6) From what kind of wood are your kits made?

Our kits are made from 1/4″ hardwood veneered mdf which we purchase directly from the factory in Birchwood, WI. These custom made panels are of higher quality than mdf panels typically found in home centers. The panels consists of a core of medium density fiberboard (mdf) with real, cabinet grade hardwood veneer on the faces. This combination of engineered and natural materials provides for exceptional beauty and stability. We offer choices of walnut, cherry, and maple veneers.

7) What kind of maintenance does the clock require?

Other than winding, the clock should not require any regular maintenance.

8) Do you have any other wooden gear clocks for sale?

Additional designs are “on the drawing board”.  Jeff is always experimenting with new designs and ideas.

9) Do you offer the patterns as CAD files?

The patterns are only available as full-size paper patterns. They are intended to be adhered directly to the workpiece and cut on the scroll saw.

10) Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes, we would be happy to discuss quantity discounts or wholesale pricing with you.

11) What happens if I make a mistake?

No worries!  Just let us know and we can send you replacement parts.  We’re here to make sure you end up with a functioning clock that you’ll be proud of.