ready-to-assemble CLOCK KIT: $169



Serpentine: in the shape of a winding curve; snake or serpent shaped.  The Serpentine wooden gear clock’s whimsical curves offer an artistic contrast to the more traditional Ascent and Legacy clocks.  

This wooden clock is driven by a 3-4 lb weight and is regulated by a 48″ pendulum. The Serpentine runs over 26 hours per winding. It has hour, minute, and second hands. The Serpentine clock is about 26″ tall, 6″ deep, and about 12″ wide.

Like all of our wooden gear clocks, the Serpentine kits are manufactured from high quality hardwood-veneered MDF.  You can personalize your clock by selecting a frame wood (maple or cherry), then choosing a wood for the gears (maple, cherry, or walnut). 


If you have some experience with the scroll saw and would enjoy cutting the parts yourself, check out our cut-it-yourself options.