Customer Photos

We hope you enjoy browsing the collection of customers' clock photos.  It is always interesting to see how people have added their own personal, creative touches to our designs!


IMG_2014 pictures_010 pictures_011 whole_clock_2_290 2-20-06 081 100_0098 100_4172 101_0365 2012-07-30_15-45-27_981 23092010089 ap van meter asc 290 asc1 ascent1(1) ascent1 ascent2 CIMG0074 CIMG9273 Clock 1 Clock 002 Clyde's Wooden Gear Clock damons clock DarkClock dp_plexi1 dp_plexi2 DSC_0001 DSC_0003 DSC00463sm DSCF1195 DSCF1196 DSCF1210 IMG_0018 IMG_6865 kit2 kit5 modified mucha-7 oronzo dalfino P1000567 P1000670 pic2 pic3 pic5 pic7 PICT0008 scott thibiedau clock sh 001 steve_jolley ascent stever_jolley3 untitled9 withington1 Wood clock pic WoodWorksClockPendulum 007 DSC03917 IMAG0343 IMG_0039 IMG_0080 IMG_0081 IMG_0223 IMG_5153 P7020043 PICT0232 PICT0236 Sepentine_Clock clockcedar1 clockcedar2 clockcedar3 dp_corner1 dp_corner2 mucha-4 serp1 untitled3 236 DSC04172 front 270 untitled10 bartosh tranquility IMG_0620 john magnussen ascent ascent1 ascent2 ascent4 ascent5 ascent6 crescent4 crescent5 diadem1 diadem2 legacy1 legacy2 legacy3 legacy4 serpentine3 tranquility2 tranquility4 tranquility7 IMG_2120 IMG_2152 P1130203-1 image1